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"We Are Rubber Flooring"
Great videos for your info and  enjoyment!

1/ Kingspan Lighthouse, the UK's first Zero emissions house.The green flooring on the stairs and 1st floor is Dalsouple's DalNaturel rubber tiles in Citron Vert in DalUni smooth.

2/ Green Lighthouse, Dalsouple DalNaturel in colour Bleu Pale installed as main flooring and on stairs at the Carbon Neutral CO2 building at the University of Copenhagen.

3/ Grand Design's host Kevin McCloud had Dalsouple installed in Orange on his stairs, Omega texture. The orange stairs shown in at the 8.20 minute mark of the video.

4/ Yellow Rubber Duckies- fun yet informative video showing Earth related dynamics at play, work and eventually ...um.. war via an invasion flotilla heading towards the United States!

5/ The Story of Rubber

6/ And... just for some musical fun It's Alright by Rubber Duc - Going viral in Dec 2014

Dalsouple Rubber Ducky thinks it's a real quacker!:)

7/ Austal Ships- A background video of an important Dalsouple Marine Grade rubber flooring customer that uses DalTex Pastille Alpha 2.5mm DMG (colour Gris Chaillot) on all Armidale Class Patrol Boats. Its a great video to see the scale of Australian industry and how they can operate successfully internationally. Like us really!

8/ Cleaning Dalsouple after installation

9/ iRubber 2020 Trusted Trader Award Winner

Kingspan Lighthouse, Zero Emissions house

Green Lighthouse Co2, Copenhagen University

The House That Kevin Built

Yellow Rubber Duckies

The Story of Rubber

Rubber Duc - It's Alright (Official Music Video)

Austal Ships- Our Customers!

Dalsouple Cleaning

iRubber 2020 Australian Trusted Trader Award Winner


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