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University Flooring
Dalsouple Rubber Flooring Passes the Grade- with Flying Colours

Queen's College "Party Room" at Yarraville, Victoria, Australia

"Exceptionally" punishing environment needed Dalsouple 3.5mm "Granita" tile to take all the frivolity whilst abating "noise" as much as it could!


Dalsouple has an outstanding track record at universities around the world, but the majority of locations have been in the UK.

These include:

Thames Valley University
Edinburgh University
York University
University College, Dublin
University of Architecture, Canterbury
Edge Hill University
Newcastle University
University of Portsmouth
City University, London
Manchester University
Dublin City University
University of Roehampton
University of Kent
Whipps Cross University Hospital
Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick
Queens University
Strathclyde University
University of Glasgow
Brunel University
Manchester Metropolitan University
De Montford Leicester University
Nottingham University
University of Wolverhampton
University College Newport
Dublin City University
University of Gloucester
University of London
University of East Anglia
Cardiff University
University of Dundee
University of Westminster
Bath Spa University
Oxford University
University of Birmingham
Hatfield University
Kingston University
Worcester University
University College of Swansea
Anglia Ruskin University
University of Sussex
Middlesex University
Leeds Metropolitain University
University of West of England


The RMIT New Academic Street , Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 2016


Dalsouple Uni Smooth rubber flooring in Citron Vert was set;acted for this project. The green floored areas in the fly-through represent Dalsouple. (installed by Floor 91, Melbourne)


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