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Happy Dalsouple customers

30 Aug 2012    Old Fitzroy House

An old Fitzroy house was recently renovated and Dalsouple natural rubber flooring was used in the kitchen and bathroom. The owners are thrilled with the floor.

They have just won a sustainable award.

7 May 2012    Black Terrazzo kitchen

Dalsouple was installed in an architect's house in Melbourne in 2011. This is the second time they have specified DalTerrazzo. This time they chose Noir (black) as background with grey and off-white flecks. "The floor is fantastic and we are loving it"

6 May 2010    Taupo kitchen

Senior Citizen Theda and her labrador Angel from Taupo give Dalsouple rubber the thumbs up! She is now selling her house as she is downsizing. Her flooring is now 7 years old but features on the real estate agent's website and looks as though it will last another 7 years at least.

6 May 2010    Blue Royale, DalTex Omega, Sydney

Dalsouple was chosen for an architects' home in Sydney and they are thrilled with installation of Royal Blue Dalsouple tiles and they've had no worries after 3 years.

5 May 2010    Willoughby customer

Domestic customer is thrilled with her new rubber floor. She keeps it looking good with a small domestic polishing machine.Click to see more.



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