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Sample of Recommended Specification


  1. 1  The floor covering is Dalsouple rubber flooring

  2. 2  The Dalsouple product range is eg DalTex

  3. 3  The production type is Standard SBR Rubber

  1. 4  The surface finish is  eg Pastille Alpha

  2. 5  The tile size is eg 682mm x 682mm

  3. 6  The tile thickness is  eg 2.5mm

  4. Dalsouple recommends a minimum thickness of 2.5mm for floors

  1. 7  The colour is eg Vert Ecossais

  2. 8  The anticipated price per square metre is _________

  3. 9  The project name is________________________________

  4. 10 The project location ____________________ in the state of _________________________

    11 Required on site by ___________________________

  5. 12 The anticipated area to be covered is _____ square metres (20m2 minimum)

  • Installation shall be in strict accordance with BS8203 approved methods, or local equivalent. Tiles should be laid broken-bonded in all cases. Back of each tile should be brushed prior
    to installation. Plaques should be back rolled prior to installation. Installation shall be carried out by an experienced installer: Installation shall be deferred until all other work that might cause damage to the flooring is completed and the floor must be protected after installation.

  • Cleaning and maintenance shall be in accordance with the Dalsouple Guidelines 

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