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Marine Grade Rubber Flooring
From Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boats and International submarines to luxury vessels

Dalsouple makes marine grade rubber flooring called Dalsouple Marine Grade DMG. Used worldwide on large ships such as passenger vessels, ocean liners, ferries, cruisers, pleasure boats through to patrol boats, naval warships and submarines, Dalsouple rubber has  definitely been getting its feet wet, very wet in this industry.


Armidale Class patrol boats for the Royal Australian Navy- as standard spec- have Dalsouple Marine Grade (DMG) of Pastille Alpha- Gris Chaillot- on-board. Ensure R10 grip on bridges, in stairwells, in galleyways and kitchens for safety from slipping.

Almost 23 vessels- the entire Armidale Class are scoped to use our Dalsouple product. It's comfortable to stand on too.

Soon to be refitted are:

RN Launceston

Glen Elg







The standard Dalsouple  was demanded by luxury yacht designers to be available in IMO grade- MFR marine flame resistant to IMO Res MSC 61 (67) . It meets all relevant fire regulations as well – DIN 51961, DIN 4102, M2, and  BS4700.

Here are the certification links:


Dalsouple Marine Grade (DMG) flooring is available, now in any colour, and any texture and has a 10 year guarantee. Used in galley ways, companion ways, cabins, heads, bridges and even decks, the “quiet luxury” of a tactile soft and quiet flooring is making its presence seen, felt, but not heard. 


Trafalgar & Barracuda (Suffren) Class Submarines..... shhhhhh!

When stealth is important Dalsouple Pastille Alpha IMO grade rubber is performing quietly below decks in 2 Billion dollar submarines. Used and equiped on both French and British Navy the rubber can also be magnetically backed to "cling" on to ferrous ceiling walls and floors to reduce vibration and lowering the risk of sonic transmission through a hull. We call the material DalMagnetic

There will be 6 vessels (that are planned to be build) to be fited with dalsouple flooring from the Suffren class (=Barracuda class) !

The 6 vessels  are :





De Grasse20                                                  







Sous-Marin Nucléaire Lanceurs d'Engins / SNLE-NG type Le Triomphant, Le Vigilant, Le Redoubtable.


Don’t forget, in boats sound can be transmitted from above the deck and below the deck.

With its acoustic deadening qualities, Dalsouple rubber flooring effectively helps to reduce  noise pollution, by creating a barrier to reduce the ever present sounds and vibrations in boats and cabins. The added anti-slip quality of Dalsouple DMG rubber is certainly the icing on the cake for a potential buyers decision.

Outdoor quality can also be specified at additional cost.

Installations in Australasia

Austal Ships

Hanseatic Marine- "Silver"- now renamed "Smerelda" based in France

NZ Yachts

McMullan and Wing


Superstar Virgo, cruise ship in Singapore in the Gelato bar.

P&O  Ocean Village

P&O  Jubilee

P&O  Caribbean Princess

P&O  Grand Princess

P&O  European Diplomat Ferry

Stena Voyageur

Disney Cruise Lines

Queen Mary 2


Super Fast Ferries

Izar Sestao Dredger

Izar Sestao Ship 325

MY Ocean One 58metre

Yacht 245 Amante

MY Dream On Yacht 




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