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Domestic photo gallery

Photos of Dalsouple rubber flooring installed in domestic situations in Australia and New Zealand.

Fitzroy Kitchen Fitzroy Kitchen

Vert Pomme and DalTerrazzo with Noir (black) background and Vert Pomme and grey chips.

Glebe House Glebe House

Gris Lyon, DalUni smooth tiles installed over underfloor heating.

Clifton Hill House Clifton Hill House

Dalsouple DalTerrazzo with Noir (black) background and grey and off-white chips.

Eco-bathroom Eco-bathroom

Eco-friendly bathroom with Dalsouple in Gris Lyon, Pastille Mini Alpha.

Taupo Kitchen, New Zealand Taupo Kitchen, New Zealand

Murray's mother's kitchen in Taupo, New Zealand. Unique Terrazzo pattern in DalUni smooth. Background Pierre De Tuffeaux, Blanc Dakota speckles, Black (Noir) flecks, and grey speckles.
Installed 2004. Photos taken June 2009. The house is now for sale and the floor looks as good as new.

Willoughby kitchen Willoughby kitchen

Pastille alpha (studded), Gris Anthracite (dark grey).

Willoughby Kitchen, Sydney Willoughby Kitchen, Sydney

Photos of the kitchen just installed but the cupboards not finished yet.

Terrazzo floor Black Rock, Melbourne Terrazzo floor Black Rock, Melbourne

Terrazzo floor installed in a house in Black Rock, Melbourne 2008.

Megan Hamer Architects, Resicon Builders.


Beach House bathrooms Beach House bathrooms

Dalsouple DalMicro installed in 3 bathrooms in a beach house in Victoria. Martele (bubble texture), Pierre de Tuffeaux (beige).

Blanc Dakota Kitchen, Sydney Blanc Dakota Kitchen, Sydney

Kitchen flooring in Sydney installed 2009. This colour is off-white and as white as Dalsouple rubber can be. This is only available in SBR synthetic rubber floor tiles but all other colours can be in DalNaturel. The colour of latex is creamy/yellowy so you can't get a pure white rubber. The colour of SBR raw rubber is opaque.

Vanille Kitchen and Bathroom, Geelong Vanille Kitchen and Bathroom, Geelong

DalNaturel installed in a Californian Bungalow in Geelong, Victoria in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and hall.

The owner is French and so chose Dalsouple rubber flooring for its high quality and colour.

Blue Royale, DalTex Omega, Sydney Blue Royale, DalTex Omega, Sydney

Bleu royale, DalTex Omega tiles. 680mm x680mm x 2.5mm installed in an architect's house in Sydney.

UK domestic photos UK domestic photos

Photos of UK installations.


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