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Natural Rubber flooring

Dalsouple has been making their high quality rubber flooring for 45 years in France. About 5 years ago they decided to go 'back to nature' and developed the DalNaturel natural formulation (made from natural latex) for their rubber tiles. The quality, longevity and performance is just the same, but being a sustainable product, DalNaturel natural rubber flooring can contribute to Greenstar points. Dalsouple still make the rubber tiles in standard SBR with the DalNaturel costing 5% extra, but DalNaturel is the one most preferred in Australia.

DalNaturel is an environmentally friendly rubber floor covering that boasts over 90% natural ingredients. The latex is sourced from rubber trees in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, and the tiles are manufactured in France. Almost all of Dalsouple's standard colours can be made as DalNaturel and any almost Pantone colour is also available, with no minimum quantities.
There are 33 textures available, including terrazzo and marble finishes.

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We firmly believe that DalNaturel is the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable resilient floorcovering in the world.

Natural rubber is a wholly renewable raw material, and mature rubber trees are exceptionally efficient at carbon sequestration - the absorption of harmful CO2 from the atmosphere.

All manufacturing creates CO2 - that is inevitable. But rubber trees, with a functioning lifespan of up to 30 years, are extraordinarily efficient at extracting CO2 from the atmosphere (this process is know as ‘sequestration’).
Rubber is also easy to recycle, not just once but several times, with many potential applications. It has inherently low toxicity, particularly compared to PVC based flooring. All these factors, combined with a long service life, contribute to an environmental life cycle performance that is worlds away from existing resilient floorcoverings.

Dalsouple has an energy efficient factory production process, makes the case for Dalsouple natural rubber phenomenally strong. For more detailed information on the environmental performance of DalNaturel, please contact us.



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