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Cleaning of Dalsouple rubber

Dalsouple tiles come with a silicone release agent, which can appear to be a bit like greasy talcum powder. Thich must be cleaned off with a degreaser after installation and before polish is applied.

For daily cleaning, we recommend HyperClean.

Maintenance and Cleaning instructions 

We recommend to use a mono brush and a green disk (3M Scotchbrite Classification for discs). The red pad is not suitable to scrub the tiles, it is too soft for a first wax application.  

Find here our instructions to scrub the tiles :

After drying and before it is opened to foot traffic, the work area must be carefully cleaned. All traces of dust, dirt, grease, sand or other debris must be completely removed.

Apply on the surface to treat the stripper Dalsouple® DSD 10 (5 liters per 100 sqm) with a mono brush and a green disk (3M Scotchbrite Classification for discs).

The tiles processing speed by the mono brush should be at least 2 min / m², the cleaner, transparent at the time of application, must become opaque and of the color of rubbed tiles. This is a simple way to ensure that this light sanding is well carried out. Rub the tile covered with DS10 with the mono brush and green disk during 10 minutes (around 5sqm at a time) and then rinse while sucking the excess of liquid.

Drying is done with an absorbent cloth leaving no fiber or debris on the ground (indeed they would be encapsulated by the wax).

The surface of the tile must have a matt aspect.

2) After this operation, the fitter has to apply the wax. This step is very important because it will protect the surface of the tiles and will facilitate its maintenance. 

Without this wax application, the tiles will have a greasy aspect. The goal of the wax is to neutralize the paraffin  which is in the rubber.  

Here is our instructions for this step :

When the floor is clean and dry, apply liquid wax POLISH Dalsouple® CLD 50 with a spray system that will ensure a good distribution of the liquid on the surface. It is also possible to simply pour it.

Using a micro brush fiber fabrics or a foam brush or polisher according to the surface to be treated, spread the wax over the entire surface to be treated by crossing movements to form a thin layer that will dry quickly (1 liter per 50m²).

The wax should be laid in two crossed layers. Allow the wax to dry 1 hour between each coat.

This first layer of wax will form a film which will feed and protect the surface of the tiles. The success of this operation is very important as it will facilitate its maintenance.

We recommend you to make a test on a small area following our instructions and see the result that should be as expected.Dalsouple recommends a surface polish in either a matt finish or glossy finish over the rubber tiles to make it easier to clean and to protect the rubber.

For local after-market supply we can recommend Agar cleaning products from Australia for use on the rubber tiles. These are readily available in all capital cities and most installers and cleaners are familiar with their use.

The Duro polish is a matt finish which after 2 or 3 coats will protect the rubber flooring and make it easier to keep clean.

To download the MSDS instruction sheet for Agar Duro, click here.

The Novadet is used to clean off the silicone release agent.

For commercial installations we recommend the floor is spray buffed once a week to once a month depending on traffic. The polish may need resealing in 6 to 12 months.

Dalsouple rubber sealed

Dalsouple Prior to sealing.                                       Dalsouple after sealing with Duro


The floor must be treated with respect as you would a high quality parquetry or timber floor. We do not guarantee against stiletto heel marks but the rubber wears well if in more durable SBR quality (rather than DalNaturel)- in retail shops and offices so it is usually not a problem with large pockmarks as with other softer floors. We recommend only light mopping with a neutral detergent, not slopping water, or hosing as this could affect the adhesion of the tiles.


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