September 14, 2015 @ 4:32 PM


Sometimes distributing French made rubber has its benefits. Certainly when it comes to training our pure- bred yellow mascot called "Bounce" ! In this case, we found that 1.5mm DalUni smooth SBR rubber is perfect for protecting carpet and damageable surfaces from pet "accidents". It saved a lot of carpet and even car seats:) Dal Wee or DalOui -shall we call it- is "aimed" at people with puppies and kittens. A light weight (2kg) re-usable panel 1.76m x 0.68m x 1.5mm (in any colour) can rapidly be deployed and moved to strategic locations during toilet training. It's easy to clean with soapy water and will not retain odours- being impervious to liquids. One panel will cost $120+GST- and it is worth it to save damage to the underlying surface and to stop staining and discolouring. Stocks run out fast so if you are "planning" to get a puppy or the like - notify us 3 months before the arrival- so you can be assured of delivery.