February 11, 2013 @ 12:24 PM

In 2 days time it will be 6 years since Murray's plane landed in Melbourne from Auckland marking his big shift from New Zealand to Australia. As Ann was driving to pick him up she had a call on her mobile from BBR Design in Sydney. It was our first order for Dalsouple rubber flooring in 2007 for a small office in Pitt St, Sydney.

The colour was Vert Ecossais in DalUni smooth, 9m2, 1760mm x 680mm x 2.5mm. With a 10 year guarantee, we are confident the floor will still be looking as good as new.

So in 6 years we believe we've built up the brand of Dalsouple to be well known by most architects in Australia and for rubber flooring to be coming back in vogue with domestic customers.

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