November 10, 2012 @ 1:56 PM

We have about 70 Blanc Dakota (off-white to creamish) tiles in our rubber room in Melbourne. The tiles were used temporarily in a project for about 2 months, so they have a bit of adhesive residue left on the back (which can be easily removed), they have a few dints here and there, and they have old polish on them (which can be easily stripped off and resealed). They would be great for a rumpus room with a rug, temporary floor, a cubby house, a doggy day care centre, animal shelter, holiday house, caravan, van, or for a display in a store, or could even be for a small bathroom or toilet. The tiles are 1760mm x 680mm x 2.5mm.

We might sell these off in small lots, but we get a lot of requests for people who have a cheaper budget, so these would be great.

Pile of tiles. About 70 tiles = 80m2. The old polish had yellowed the tiles but see the next photo and you see they get back to being off-white.

Stripping old polish and rinsing tiles so they are like new.