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November 10, 2012 @ 2:56 PM

We have about 70 Blanc Dakota (off-white to creamish) tiles in our rubber room in Melbourne. The tiles were used temporarily in a project for about 2 months, so they have a bit of adhesive residue left on the back (which can be easily removed), they have a few dints here and there, and they have old polish on them (which can be easily stripped off and resealed). They would be great for a rumpus room with a rug, temporary floor, a cubby house, a doggy day care centre, animal shelter, holiday house, caravan, van, or for a display in a store, or could even be for a small bathroom or toilet. The tiles are 1760mm x 680mm x 2.5mm.

We might sell these off in small lots, but we get a lot of requests for people who have a cheaper budget, so these ...

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November 4, 2012 @ 11:25 AM

We were thrilled to see Dalsouple at MONA for the first time and spend the day at MONA. The museum is amazing not only for it's architecture, but for the range of artwork and 'odd' collections.

Black (Noir) Dalsouple rubber tiles were installed in the Cloaca, (poo machine) room, on the stairs around the glass elevator and at the entrance. Considering it has had over 1/2 million people walk over it, we think it has coped very well.

We think everyone in Australia should see MONA at least once. I want to go back there as I didn't see all of it.

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