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A 61m2 apartment is transformed by colour
26 Mar 2017

With a little help from Dalsouple a French apartment with limited 61m2  of floor area has been re-interpreted.


Living with 4 in a confined living area of 61m2 has its complications, so Eva Praquin and her husband Pepito called on architects Claire Escalon and Nicolas Lanno to reinvent the space of this apartment. Result? Three bedrooms, a living / dining room and the feeling of having gained space.



A kitchen made of perspectives open on the corner dining room / living room

Une cuisine faite de perspectives ouverte sur le coin salle à manger/salon
Eva and her husband, Pepito, respectively stylist and art director of a publishing house, were beginning to feel a bit cramped in their 61 m2. While they were sleeping in the living room, their two children, Ninon, 11 and Roman, 8, shared the same room. In short, the life of four in this 61 m2 became more and more complicated. Particularly attached to his neighborhood, the family did not want to move. It was their meeting with Claire Escalon and Nicolas Lanno, the architects of the Atelier Premier Étage, who convinced them to change everything without moving. A real redistribution of the surface is organized, with the sole objective of finding space. The result of these two months of work?
The very first stage of the project, which consisted of moving the kitchen, was not the simplest. "I feared that installing it in length, like a partition between the rooms and the living room does not shrink space, but it's just the opposite," remembers Eva. Custom made in laminate by Polyrey, the worktop (foam color) runs along the entire length of the living room. And a serigraph of Marie Delafon sits next to a beautiful bouquet. On the right, the lamp was designed and realized by Eva, from a heather foot and two lampshades, for a very graphic rendering.
The chairs in scoubidou, arranged around a vintage table edited by Apartment D, were chiné in Lille. The Italian coffee maker goes alongside the old tableware, bought from Folle du Logis. At the back, a simple wooden plank, similar to the shelves, serves as an office on which is laid a wooden lamp of Taf Architects, at Muuto. Below, an IKEA drawer unit serves as storage. In the dining / living area, the walls are covered  in three different shades of   blue -(available from French tubber tile manufacture Dalsouple)- - celadon, bleu canard and emerald green.

An Harmonious Seating Area

Un espace salon harmonieux

In order to regain its original function, the living room has been cleared of the parental bed. Instead, you will find a sublime chiné bench and linen cushions washed (Laundry Particulier). Next to it, the small armchair is covered with "Divina" cloth from Kvadrat. On the console is a screen print Brecht and Vandenbroucke (Icinori) and a blue lamp Jieldé. In front of the sofa, the retro-style coffee table (Red Editions) echoes a series of rattan mirrors.


A redesigned child's room

Une chambre d’enfant repensée
In Roman's room, we find the flagship color of the new living space: the blue, in a new declension. Built on the same principle as the other rooms, one finds the bed installed on a platform, ideal to conceal many tidying up. Successful Placement Operation!
On the right, the IKEA cupboards, covered with batipine for the sake of harmony, shelter toys, books and clothes. On the decorative side, a Taupe light-colored lamp, a Habitat duvet cover, a Petit Pan bedspread and a Tam Tam stool blend together for a harmonious atmosphere. The floor was made of soft khaki rubber tiles, "Dalsouple".

A playful and colourful bathroom

Une salle de bains ludique et colorée

If Eva favored soft colors, between shades of blue and ocher for the rest of the rooms, she opted for "good-looking hues" in the bathroom. Renovated a few years before the rest of the apartment and all clad tiled (BHV), it is more daring. A veritable rainbow of colour!

Courtesy  marieclairemaison.com


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