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Rubber resurgence in homes
21 May 2015

Over the last 2 years in Australia certain trends have emerged.

There is certainly more freedom with the economy bouncing back with a frenzy of home buyers snavelling up whatever they can or can't really afford in the hope that things will be better in their future.

The renovators and new home buyers are looking for something that will last a long time, friendly to humans and pets, provide comfort quiteness, colour and low maintenance and something that says"we've done our research"!

Dalsouple rubber, if domestic sales trends are anything to go by, validate the above as demand increases for Dalsouple's DalNaturel range especially.

Some consider Dalsouple for just the kitchen, then they say... well why not the bathroom or laundry as well? Why not up the walls like Fiona Murray did in her house in last years House and Garden magazine? She chose some lovely bright yellow Jaune Citron for her laundry area.

Some also continue with their idea and do their intire house. It's for long term use and long term gain when it goes to re-selling a house.


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