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DALSOUPLE NEWS > Dalsouple rubber flooring launches on Natspec

7 Dec 2011

Dalsouple Australasia's CEO, Murray Gardner says NATSPEC makes specification writing and documentation much easier for the design industry.

With around 4,000 subscribers NATSPEC is widely used by both private design firms and government bodies.
The NATSPEC specification process ensures a range of product characteristics are captured in the documentation.
Dalsouple natural rubber flooring has one of the lowest VOC's on the market and with an increase in Green Star projects, it's important for architects and designers to have information readily available at their fingertips.
It's also important for the client to know they are getting a high quality, environmentally friendly product that the architect originally specified and not replace with a cheaper inferior product that won't last as long.

For more information visit NATSPEC

Download Dalsouple's Branded Work Section from the Natspec website.  


Murray Gardner

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