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Bounce Carr Design

Bounce Carr Design

Carr has three core specialisations: workplace, hospitality and residential. Perfect for Dalsouple's intrinsic qualities. "Each discipline benefits from the knowledge, research and testing of the other." Visiting Carr Design I found they had no catalogue of Dalsouple at all!- er at least that I could see. They had a clear out of old folders! But- Dalsouple will always keep manufacturing and will ad any updates as they occur- so never throw old folders out! Call us first before you do, as they are expensive to replace! Carr Design (Sue- I think it was) helped to introduce Dalsouple to the Australian market with Dalsouple MicroPastille I think at Transurban prior to 2003! The following 26.08.15 day I revisited Carr Design to drop off an urgent sample, but to my delight found that Emily had the folder out so it was not in the library. Phew! I did disgrace myself though as I was overcome by excitement, but Emily kindly had paper towels at the ready to wipe up. Sorry Emily- but thanks!

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