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"We Are Rubber Flooring"
Great videos for your info and  enjoyment!

1/ Kingspan Lighthouse, the UK's first Zero emissions house.The green flooring on the stairs and 1st floor is Dalsouple's DalNaturel rubber tiles in Citron Vert in DalUni smooth.

2/ Green Lighthouse, Dalsouple DalNaturel in colour Bleu Pale installed as main flooring and on stairs at the Carbon Neutral CO2 building at the University of Copenhagen.

3/ Grand Design's host Kevin McCloud had Dalsouple installed in Orange on his stairs, Omega texture. The orange stairs shown in at the 8.20 minute mark of the video.

4/ Yellow Rubber Duckies- fun yet informative video showing Earth related dynamics at play, work and eventually war via an invasion flotilla heading towards the United States!

5/ The Story of Rubber

6/ And... just for some musical fun It's Alright by Rubber Duc - Going viral in Dec 2014

Dalsouple Rubber Ducky thinks it's a real quacker!:)

7/ Austal Ships- A background video of an important Dalsouple Marine Grade rubber flooring customer that uses DalTex Pastille Alpha 2.5mm DMG (colour Gris Chaillot) on all Armidale Class Patrol Boats. Its a great video to see the scale of Australian industry and how they can operate successfully internationally. Like us really!

Kingspan Lighthouse, Zero Emissions house

Green Lighthouse Co2, Copenhagen University

The House That Kevin Built

Yellow Rubber Duckies

The Story of Rubber

Rubber Duc - It's Alright (Official Music Video)

Austal Ships- Our Customers!

Dalsouple Cleaning


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