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DalFusion Zinc spurs interest in Domestic Kitchens and bathrooms

Over the last 6 months, considerable interest has been received in the Dalsouple DalFusion rubber range with Granita texture. It has an orange skin like texture that is easy to clean and has the added bonus of being R9 anti- slip. Available in a select range of colours designed to suit the current trend in greys, blues and whites, the slightly speckled floor is suited for an entire home flooring option for its sustainable aspects and 10 year guarantee. Soft and hardwearing and impervious to liquids it is especially suited to kitchens, bathrooms and corridors. See this months special on Dalsouple Dalfusion Zinc in 2.5mm x 682mm x 682mm (standard size tiles) on this site in May 2015!

4 Dec 2017    Dalsouple and Austal Ships

Installing on Armidale Patrol Boats via Austal Ships and Norship Marine, Dalsouple DMG Marine Grade rubber flooring  (with certificates) is now standard.

It will have years of outstanding service, and with new vessels scoping in international tenders -Dalsouple will be fairly common place.

Actually "common place" is not the right word if you consider that this material stealthily can be found currently at depths beyond "common" view...on board Trafalgar Class nuclear submarines-er..... as far as we know!

Advancement of naval design has been incredible.

Here's a video below to show you an example of such things. Its provided courtesy of Austal Ships. Enjoy.

26 Mar 2017    Apartment perspective

A recent Mairie Claire article shows how with clever use of colour perhaps made possible by using Dalsouple Uni Smooth on walls for colour has transformed a crumpled 61m2 apartment into something unique.


Translated from French to English with our own poetic license and with the help of Google Translate!:)

26 Mar 2017    A Place for Space

Colour increases the perspective of space in small apartments.

5 Oct 2015    Kitchen Tour: London Urchin's Fold-Out Jewel Box

An article we came across highlights the delight of selecting a great rubber flooring for the kitchen.


I always get asked whether or not joints are visible. I light colours they are but the darker you go the less visible as to almost be imperceptable in gris anthracite (coal).


A nice article and plenty of comments for the average reader to take note of...


15 Sep 2015    Dal"Oui"


A brief article summarising the different types of rubber flooring.


Dalsouple excels in the range of colours available. It's a key selling point for Dalsouple- range of colours, no minimum quantities and the extensive variety of textures.

Dalsouple is the panacea product for many architects and designers for these very reasons.


Explore the rest of our site and articles for more than skin deep discussions on rubber flooring and its environmental benefits.

It may take time to read or watch- but definitely worth it!


Murray G

21 May 2015    Dalsouple -Another French Revolution?

Australian home owners are looking for environmental flooring upgrades as the housing market booms.

Rubber is now on the agenda as Generation Y's reach the market, fashioned by their education in sustainability and what it means for their family's future

28 Mar 2015    Dalsouple Rubber Gets into TAFE Ultimo

With the growing awareness of Dalsouple DalNaturel, astute architect ands designers have demanded the product for the new Tafe Ultimo upgrade in Sydney.

Installed in late March 2015 the grey Uni Smooth Dalsouple looks the part and will provide long service with low maintenance for years to come. Students walking on the rubber flooring will notice its softness, clean look and noise reduction.

Students and teachers alike will - in the future- realise that the product is now available not for just commercial use but for their own residential rubber flooring needs. Every m2 of Dalsouple made extracts 7.5kg of CO2 from the atmosphere so will help in sustainability for the planetary envronment. Every little bit helps. Feel proud if you have been part of this project!


Photos arrive soon.

7 Jan 2015    Kitchen Rubber Flooring is a Great Option

A general article on people using rubber in a kitchen /apartment environment. Worth a read:)

Click on the link below...

7 Dec 2011    Dalsouple rubber flooring launches on Natspec

Now you can specify Dalsouple natural rubber flooring on NATSPEC

NATSPEC is endorsed by government and professional bodies, and is used by architects, building designers, interior designers and other building professionals to specify for all building structures.
Now Dalsouple has a branded work section with NATSPEC for all of Dalsouple's rubber flooring products as the highest quality flooring for most commercial installations.


15 May 2011    Dalsouple at St. Mary's Primary School

Dalsouple rubber flooring was installed like a patchwork quilt on the floor of the main entrance to the new hall at St. Mary's Primary School. Dalsouple rubber was also installed on the walls and ceiling in the design of trees.

St. Mary's project featuring Dalsouple has been covered on many design blogs. Just google St. Mary's Greensborough and Smith + Tracey. For Indesign Live article click here

15 May 2011    R10 Slip rating

Slip test results for 3 Micro Relief textures as R10 slip rating by the CSIRO.

See Tests page Click here

17 Apr 2011    Dalsouple installed in Award winning house

Dalsouple rubber flooring in Blanc Dakota (off-white), DalUni, (smooth texture) was installed in a warehouse conversion in Sydney. The house has just won the 2011 Best of State Residential Design award at the interior design awards.

See Strelein Warehouse click here

5 Apr 2011    Stocks of rubber flooring

We do not usually keep stocks of our rubber flooring in Australia but at times there may be some left over from some other projects.

See Prices page for current stocks in Australia. Click here

We can also ask the French factory for certain colours and they quite often do have stocks which we can fly to Australia within a week.

Our other source of rubber flooring in the USA always have stocks of grey and black studded rubber and we can also get them to anywhere in Australia in about a week. Just ask us and we will try and help!!

9 Oct 2010    Inside magazine2
9 Oct 2010    Inside Magazine article
9 Oct 2010    The Age newspaper article
9 Oct 2010    Innovative Household magazine
5 Oct 2010    DalChoc in Smart Energy house in Sydney
28 Jun 2010    Dalsouple at Hobart Customs after 12 years
28 Mar 2010    New red 'Chili' colour

Dalsouple have added a new colour to their range called Chili which replaces the Rouge Feu.

30 Sep 2009    DalRollo rubber flooring fire tested

DalRollo rollform rubber passes fire and smoke test to conform to Australian Building codes. 

27 Sep 2009    Going Green Expo Brisbane 09/09

We had a lot of interest in our natural rubber flooring for domestic projects at the Going Green Expo in Brisbane in Sept 2009.



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