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Installation and Cleaning Instructions

Installation instructions and cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Instructions for tiles

How to install Dalsouple rubber tiles. It's vital that these instructions are followed.

Dalsouple tiles MUST be laid in a brick bond (Ashlar) pattern and the back of the tiles must be brushed before installation.

Always perform a dry test and never lay in direct sunlight! 

Any questions, please contact us!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dalsouple recommends a surface polish in either a matt finish or glossy finish over the rubber tiles to make it easier to clean and to protect the rubber.

We recommend that Dalsouple tiles are installed by a qualified and experienced rubber flooring installer. These are usually found by phoning your local carpet retailer. We can recommend a few installers depending on where you live. Problems can occur if the correct spread rate of adhesive is not applied, or the tiles are not rolled correctly after installation.

For actual video of installing rubber flooring in general, please look at a video of our other rubber flooring we can supply called Endura by Burke Flooring in the USA. If you are in a hurry, they have stocks and we get flooring here in a week.

See our other website by clicking here

Click here to go to the Burke Flooring website, then click on the Endura installation video or Endura Maintenance video.


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